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Dog Pictures

Looking to find the best information about your furry friend? You’ve come to the right place, we at DogBreeds10.Com are crazy about companion animals. So crazy and passionate that we created a content-rich site DogBreeds10.Com. A website dedicated to dog breeds, information, training, temperament, and pictures of dogs.

About the Author

Catherine Lia is the admin and one of the authors of the website Dogbreeds10.Com. A dog lover by nature and blogger by profession, her love for her furry friends made her adopt various dogs over the years and care and train them well. She grew up in New York playing baseball and is fond of reading and writing books.

Values and Purpose of Dogbreeds10.Com

DogBreeds10 is a site is for the love of dogs and dog lovers. It is about caring, support, and passion for dogs. It is about fun, friendly and informational sharing, fun and friendly experiences with our furry friends. Our love for dogs has got us to make this website where all dog lovers can come and find the best A-Z information and resources on their furry friends. Our purpose and motto here at DogBreeds10 is to educate people about their choices for their next canine friend and make them a part of their family and lives. We try to provide you with honest information that will help you choose, raise, and train your companion dog. We believe we can thrive and help you to become a better pet parent/friend! Keep sharing your experiences to make it a great dog lover community.

Information Sources

We collect information and data about dog breeds from the popular dog registries and the kennel clubs like AKC etc. We try to bring you the latest information collected from experienced dog breed advisers, instructors, veterinary technicians, and breeders. We consider their suggestions based on their sound knowledge and practical experience on dog breeds, dog training methods, dog foods, their characteristics, temperaments and more. All information provided on DogBreeds10.Com is true to our knowledge! We know that our readers constitute of everybody, from beginners to seasoned pet lovers, and our mission is to have content of interest to both the enthusiast and the novice dog lovers.