Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of DogBreeds10.Com

What Information Do We Collect About the Users?

When you visit our site, we receive general information about the type of computer you’re using, including IP address, browser and operating system, and which pages you visited. DogBreeds10.Com does not track or collect any personal information of its visitors that would personally identify our visitor when the individual visits the site unless he/she chooses to reveal such information to us. We retrieve these data only to understand how our visitors are using our site and the ways of improving their user experiences.

Do we share your information or email address (if provided) with anyone?

No, your information is kept strictly confidential. DogBreeds10 does not detect your e-mail address unless you choose to reveal it to us by emailing us or using the comments section or Contact Us form.

Does DogBreeds10 use cookies?

A cookie is a tiny text file and not a computer program. DogBreeds10 and advertisers on our site use cookies for helping website traffic analysis and CTR statistics. Just like other sites, we use cookies for calculating the total reach of our advertisers and how frequently visitors are returning to our site. Any kind of information collected by cookies is not personal information or data of our users. You can set your browser to refuse cookies, that’s perfectly okay. You can still enjoy our site perfectly.