Black Mouth Cur

Black Mouth Cur is a medium-sized hunting dog originating from the Southen States of the US.

This dog breed is very loyal to its master and is multi-talented and can be trained as a watchdog, guard dog, hunting dog, herding dog, and a companion dog.  


This medium dog has a solid and deep chest, a broad head, a square muzzle, hanging ears, and usually short and dense coat.

They have a black mask or black pigmentation around their muzzle/mouth, that’s where its name comes from.

The tail of a black mouth cur can be short, lengthy or docked, it may vary amongst them.

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Quick Information & Facts ~ Black Mouth Cur

NameBlack Mouth Cur
Other NamesSouthern Cur, Yellow Black Mouth, East Texas Cur, American Black Mouth Cur
ColorBrown, Brindle, Fawn, Yellow, Red, Blackish
CoatCoarse, Dense, Fine, Harsh and Rough, and Short
Breed TypePurebred
Breed GroupHound
SizeMedium - Large
Hieght16-25 inches
(40-64 cm)
Weight50-100 Pounds
(20-45 kg)
Life Span/Life Expentancy12-17 years
TemperamentKind, Loyal, Committed, affectionate, dependable, protective
Barking LevelOccasional
Energy LevelGood, Active
Good with ChildrenYes
Litter Size5-10 Puppies
Country of OriginUnited States
Competitive Registration/Qualification InformationABMCBA, CKC, UKC, NKC, SBMCBA, FBMCBO Inc., NSBMCBA, APRI, ACR, DRA

History/ Origin ~ Black Mouthed Cur

The exact origins of the Southern Cur are unknown and it is believed to be developed in the Southern states of Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Florida States of The US.

It was the Ladner Black Mouth Curs that were first registered with the National Kennel Club (NKC) in 1964. The Black Mouth Cur is one of the most popular curs in the US.

Though some believe the term”cur” to imply a mixed breed dog, the Black Mouth Cur is a Purebred!

They were used in various works by frontier farmers as hunting dogs, guard dogs and in protecting cattle and livestock from predators and hunting meant it also helped feed the family and bring pelts.

Temperament & Behaviour Traits ~ Black Mouth Cur

Black Mouth Curs make great family dogs. This kind, smart and intelligent dog is loyal and protective of their owners.

They are versatile and are all round working dogs. They make a great bond with family members and are good with children of any age (supervision is advised for younger kids).

With the right training and socialization from the puppy days, it should be even-tempered and should form close bonds with family.

This canine breed it not usually not aggressive with humans, though can be territorial.

Due to its natural hunting instincts and prey drive, it is recommended not to leave them alone with other pets.

Black Mouth Cur Puppies

The average litter size for the Black Mouth Cur is between 5 and 10. Puppy training is one of the most important learning parts of any dog breed.

Being smart and intelligent the black mouth cur puppies are easy to train and respond well.

Different ways of training your cute Black Mouth Cur puppies are

Care ~ Exercise, Grooming & Health Problems


The Black Mountain Cur is quite an energetic and active dog who needs daily physical exercise including regular brisk walks and runtime.

The Back Mountain Curs do significantly well when trained for hunting, herding, or another sport that keeps it engaged & active.

Lack of exercise or playtime may lead to the development of behavioral problems for this breed.


The Black Mountain Cur has an easy to maintain grooming requirements. The breeds have a moderately shedding short coat, which requires trimming rarely.

They need occasional brushing to remove unwanted loose hair. Other grooming duties like nail clipping, teeth brushing and ear cleaning are also important from time to time to keep them tidy and clean.

They should be bathed if needed, not too often so that their skin loses its natural oils and goes dry. Its ears should be checked for infections signs once a week and if all clear can be also be cleaned weekly too.

Health Problems

This breed is generally and healthy and hardy one with fewer health issues. However, certain conditions to which the Black Mouth Cur is prone.

These conditions include eye problems,  ear infections, skeletal problems, epilepsy, and manage.


Black Mouth Curs are intelligent and training them is not difficult. Training should start as early as possible with Black Mouth Cur puppies and continue till the dog’s early life to solidify his obedience.

You need to be a firm and confident owner where you can set the rules for this dog breed to stick to and follow.

However, Black Mouth Curs are sensitive ones and should be dealt with patience and love.

They do not respond well to harsh scoldings and spankings. To keep the training sessions interesting keep them short and not too repetitive so that this breed doesn’t get bored.

Expose the Black Mouth Cur to different sounds, people, situations, places, and animals so it learns and adapts how to deal with them.


Since the Black Mouth Cur dogs belong to medium-large sized breeds its best to follow the meal plan for similar curs of this size!

How much and what your Cur eats, depends on many factors like his level of activity, its, health, age, metabolism rate etc.

You can take suggestions from its breeders or veterans to chalk out his diet plan.

On an average 3-4 cups of dry dog food in recommended split into two meals. Fresh and adequate drinking water should always be available.

Interesting Fact ~ Black Mouth Cur Dogs

  • The black-muzzled variety of these dogs is usually preferred and sought for, and any other variation in color (tan/same as the coat color) is considered a fault.
  • This is a purebred dog, but in recent times, black mouth cur mixes have also been introduced by the breeders like the black mouth cur-pitbull mix, the black mouth cur-lab mix etc.
  • The AKC group has categorized this breed as ‘Rare’.
  • A black mouth cur named ‘Old Yeller’ is the protagonist in the 1956 children’s novel of the same name written by Fred Gipson.