Boingle (Beagle-Pointer Mix)

The Boingle is a cross between the Beagle and the German Shorthaired Pointer purebred dogs.

1/2 Beagle x 1/2 German Shorthaired Pointer

The Boingle is a loving medium sized dog breed, who is great with children and other pets, making them a great companion and family pets.

It is a versatile breed that may inherit the hunting skills of its parent breeds.

They are also called by other names like

  • Poingle
  • Beagle Pointer
  • German Short-haired Pointer/Beagle Mix


This dog is medium canine breed weighing around 50 to 60 pounds and measuring around 16 to 20 inches tall.

The Beagle Pointer Mix has a round skull with a muzzle that is long and a little squared. Their eyes are round and dark mostly in brown color and have drooping ears that are long and soft.

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Her body is strongly looking though it can also be leaner like the Pointer and she has a pointy tail and legs that are neither long nor short.

The coat is short, rough coarse, and hard and can be water-resistant. Common coat colors include tri-colored, tan, white and black.

Boingle Pictures

Quick Information Chart

Other NamesPoingle, German Shorthaired Pointer-Beagle Mix, Beagle-Pointer Mix
ColorTri-colored pattern including black, white, and tan is common; the head is solid color; white coat with tan marks is also common
CoatShort, Rough, Hard,
Breed TypeCrossbreed
Breed GroupSporting, Hound Dog
SizeMedium Sized
Hieght15-20 inches
Weight50-60 lbs (22.5-27.2 kg)
Life Span/Life Expentancy12-15 Years
TemperamentSweet, Affectionate, Loyal, Social, Intelligent, Obedient, Fun-Loving, Great Family Dog
SheddingModerate, All year around.
Barking LevelOcassionally
Energy LevelActive
Good with ChildrenYes
Good with Other DogsYes
Country of OriginUnknown
Competitive Registration/Qualification InformationDBR, IDCR

Temperament and Personality

The German Shorthaired pointer-Beagle mix is a fun loving, playful and free-spirited dog.  These amiable dogs are quite even-tempered and love to be around people and enjoy the attention and companionship of family members.

They don’t like to be on their own for long periods and hence it is advised not to leave them alone for longer durations. This may cause them separation anxiety and make them sad or agitated.

They are usually friendly to older children, but supervision is required when they are around little kids.

They make excellent watchdogs due to their courageous and daring personality along with their tendency to bark at intruders.

Care: Exercise

Boingles are fairly active dogs and need regular activity to remain healthy and happy. Daily long walks, jogging and some playtime will keep the dog’s energy channelized and keep him lively.

The Boingles are playful natured and seldom like to be inactive for long periods. Inadequate amounts of exercise may induce behavioral problems in your pet.

A game of fetch in a fenced backyard and treats will make the pooch happy, and give you the opportunity to form strong attachments with your pet.


The Beagle Pointer Mix is a low-medium maintenance dog breed. Shedding is average so brushing it daily with a slicker brush is essential to remove loose hairs and debris.

Like all dogs with long ears, your Boingle is prone to ear infections, so regular checkup should be done for redness, bad odor, and tenderness and cleaning is required.

Your dog should be bathed just when she needs it but you can rub her down with a damp towel in between to clean her and remove hair and keep it clean and hygienic.

Nails should be clipped only when they are too long and brush their teeth twice a week to keep them healthy.

Health Problems

There are no breed-specific health issues of a Boingle, but being a crossbreed it may be affected by some of the diseases that are commonly seen in its parental lineage.

It may suffer from genetic eye disorders, allergies, hip dysplasia, skin diseases, and cancer.

Owners should seek health clearances of both the parents and buy from a trusted breeder.


The Boingles are smart and intelligent dogs, and training them is not a difficult task as compared to other breeds. The training sessions should be kept short, and simple so that they don’t get bored quickly.

Rewarding and treating the dog while teaching new exercises will motivate the canine and keep them interested in the regime.

Early training and socialization are very important aspects of having any dog so be sure to put in the time, to make things easier for you too when the dogs grow up and make them friendly with others.

Crate training is needed to prevent the puppies from getting into mischief when no one is around to supervise them.


Since it is a fairly active breed, it requires a considerable amount of food that suits its lifestyle.

The Boingle’s diet must contain vitamins B and E, protein and fat to provide sufficient energy and a balanced nutrition.

Dog food can be fed 1½ to 3 cups a day. Prevent bloating by not feeding the dog after a period of vigorous exercise.

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