Boxerdoodle (Boxer-Poodle Mix)

This cute mix breed is a cross between Boxer and Poodle. Well known as hunting dogs, Boxerdoodles are popular military recruits due to their strong and muscular structure.

The dog has got a great jump and is obedient in nature, the lifespan of Boxerdoodles can be anything between 10 to 14 years and can grow to a small to a medium size breeds.

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Boxerdoodle Pictures (Images)

Quick Information about Boxerdoodles

Other NamesPoodle-boxer mix, boxer doodle
ColorThey can be fawn, black, white, red shades; brindled or parti-colored with flash markings may also be possible
CoatWavy or curly like a Poodle or short or smooth like a Boxer
Breed TypeCrossbreed
Breed GroupWorking
Hieght10-25 inches
Life Span/Life Expentancy10-14 Years
TemperamentPlayful, energetic, affectionate and sensitive
Barking LevelOccasional
Energy LevelModerate - High
Good with ChildrenYes
Good with Other DogsModerate
Country of OriginGermany
Competitive Registration/Qualification InformationACHC, DRA, IDCR, DDKC,

Temperament & Personality Traits

The poodle in the Boxerdoodle brings in the sensitive part which helps it in the process of training the dog. Although friendly in nature and a great companion dog, too much of leniency from the owner part may end up taking advantage of the owner by the dog.

The playful nature of the Boxerdoodle makes it a great companion to the older people of the family and when it comes to getting relaxed, the pooh is more than happy to relax with the family members.

If the training is given at an early age, the breed can be used as a great therapy dog to provide comfort to sick and old people.

The breed gets along great with kids and other animals, so one can easily adopt Boxerdoodle puppies along with other breeds at the same time.

The otherwise relaxed pet doesn’t go for tough of an energetic job, but can well protect the family from any outside danger. It also works as a great watchdog and guards its territory well.

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Though the breed is not hyperactive and requires an hour of daily exercise, they love to jog and run in any open space. A medium sized Boxerdoodle can adapt in an apartment if she is regularly taken to walk or jog in the yard, an inactive breed will get bored easily and may show sign of aggressions like howling and barking or showing destructive nature if left alone like digging and chewing.

She needs to be fed with 2 to 3 cups of high-quality dry food regularly in tow meals.

Though there is no major health concern and the mixed breeds are generally more fit than pure breed, but sometimes she may be prone to


Due to her intelligent nature, she can be easily trainable. Her active nature needs to burn off by taking her to open space and made her jog or run for at least an hour every day.

They do better in open space rather than walking in cities, ideally, a open space helps her to enjoy and have more fun while letting her jump and bounce around.


The Boxerdoodle is a bit different from other breeds when it comes to shedding, as it sheds from low to moderate amount, so the amount of grooming depends on the coat she has.

A more curly fur may require monthly grooming and needs to be clipped. But a coat like a boxer will require brushing once or twice a week.

As she prone to skin disease, so only dog shampoo is allowed for her. A proper bathing and grooming will make it a hypoallergenic.

Her nails need to be clipped as they are very thick and may cause bleeding if not extra care is taken while clipping.

Health Problems

Generally, mixed breeds are healthier than pure lines with no major health concerns, and Boxerdoodle is no such exception.

There are some problem which is prone to diseases like hip dysplasia, but if treated well the pooch can live a healthier life


the Boxerdoodle is a very sensitive, smart and bright nature breed. If it is trained well at a very early age, it can show great performance.

This breed works well as a watchdog and guard dog. If trained well and rewarded accordingly, it can respond well to commands.

Feeding & Diet

An adult Boxerdoodle needs 2 to 3 cups of dry foods every day divided into two meals. Also to provide basic nutrition, protein sources like fish and meats insufficient amount gives strength and agility.

Home cook foods like meats, eggs with vegetables and boiled meat can also be an alternative diet.

Boxerdoodle Puppies Playing (Video)

Interesting Facts

  • The most interesting fact about Boxerdoodle is its adaptability in any climatic condition so it is a preferred breed in various countries.
  • The other fact that makes it more popular is its bonding with kids and old people. The pooch can be a very good therapy dog and mostly suited for sick people.
  • The Boxerdoodle is definitely a loving pet for its calm nature and the reason for being a mix breed makes it healthier than a pure breed.
  • The Dog can be a very good watch dog if trained properly and loves to have fun and requires open space to jump and bounce around.
  • Sometimes the breed can be stubborn in nature and. The more the cross looks like it’s parent breed the more it will adapt its nature.