Bully Kutta

What is a Bully Kutta?

The Bully Kutta is an extremely aggressive mastiff dog breed that originates from erstwhile Punjab region, in India and Pakistan (Asian Countries).  The name of Bully Kutta is derived from the Sindhi and Urdu languages where it is known as a Bohli Kutta.

Appearance of Bully Kutta

It is a large dog breed and its appearance resembles the American Bully Dog.  The Bully Kutta is thick boned and strong muscular inbuilt.

It has a long back with a fine tapering tail. The muzzle of this breed is black and has a deep brisket.

This fighting dog has loose skin around their neck and jaws just like bulldogs and mostly have a whitish appearance, although other color and combinations are also common.

They are also called as Pakistani Mastiff, Pakistani Bully Kutta or Sindh Mastiff.

Bully Kutta Pictures

Quick Information ~ Bully Kutta Dog

NameBully Kutta
Other NamesIndian Alangu Mastiff, Bully Cutha, Pakistani Mastiff, Sindh Mastiff, Indian Mastiff, Desi Bully, Pakistani Bully Dog
Nicknames"Beast from the East"
ColorWhite, White and Black, Fawn, Harlequin, White and brown, Black, Red, Brindle etc.
CoatShort and Smooth Coat.
Breed GroupBull Dog, Fighting Dog, Guard Dog.
SizeLarge Sized
HieghtMale: 30-44 inches;
Female: 28-36 inches
WeightMale: 150-170 lbs;
Female: 130-150 lbs
Life Span/Life Expentancy8-10 Years
TemperamentHigh Energy, Noble, Intelligent, Alert and Responsive
Barking LevelHigh
Energy LevelHigh
Good with ChildrenYes, Supervision Recommended.
Good with Other DogsNo
Litter Size3-5 Puppies
Country of OriginIndia/Pakistan
Competitive Registration/Qualification InformationBKCA, KCP

History Of Bully Kutta

Ancient theories suggest that the actual origin of the Bully Kutta is ambiguous. It is believed that during the British invasion, the troops brought to India.

These guard dogs later bred with regional Indian breeds of Mastiffs giving birth to this new Bully Kuttas Breed. There have been many disputes regarding the country of origin of this breed.

Some believe its origin to be India and others claim it to be Pakistan.  Bulli Kuttas are also called Indian Alangu Mastiff due to the fact that these dogs originated in Northern India or in the Thanjavur and Thiruchi districts in the South.

The Bully Kutta is popularly known as “The Beast from the East” owing to its extremely aggressive nature.

This breed of dogs is mostly available in Pakistan, however rare in India as in other parts of the world. However, they have been imported to USA, UK, Russia, China, and Central Asian Countries.

Different Types ~ Bully Kutta (With Most Common Variations) 

  • Aseel Bully Kutta
  • Mastiff Type Bully Kutta
  • Ancient Type Bully Kutta
  • Nagi Bully Kutta
  • Modern Bully Kutta

Temperament & Behaviour Traits

The Bully Kutta is an extremely powerful, high energy, dominant dog breed, and is recommended for experienced and knowledgeable dog owners.

Due to their aggressive temperament and huge body they are dangerous to kids, owners, strangers, and other pets, if not trained and controlled well.

Owing to their big size, they need huge space and are not recommended for apartment life.

The Pakistani Mastiffs are intelligent, noble dogs and have strong protective instincts like smell and sight making them great guard dogs.

These dogs have a tendency to drool and sleep all day. The Bully Kutta Puppies are easy to train as they respond well and can be taught socialization from an early age.

Care ~ Exercise, Grooming & Health Problems

Exercise:  These high energy dogs need adequate exercise regularly, to be in shape and stimulate their minds. Take them out on brisk walking and running sessions keeping their migration instinct in mind. When outdoors you need to keep your bully leashed so that they don’t run and get aggressive. The owner should always be dominant and have full control over the Bully Kuttas.

Grooming: This breed has a soft, smooth and fine coat, and is an average shedder. They need little maintenance and grooming.  However, some basic grooming is required with an occasional brushing of the coat with a firm bristle brush to keep them clean and tidy. Clipping of the hair is not recommended as it may affect the re-growth of new hair.

Bathing is recommended when required. You can use a damp cloth to wipe the dirt and dust from outdoor activities. Trimming their nails and regular dental check-ups are recommended to keep your dog healthy and fit.

Health Problems: The average lifespan of a Bully Kutta is 8-12 years and are considered to be a healthy breed and are less susceptible to congenital health defects. However, they may be prone to arthritis, skin problems and blindness in later stages of their life.

Diet ~ Feeding Habits

The diet and food habits for this Mastiff requires a lot of your attention. The number of meals per day decrease with age and growth.

  • Pakistani mastiff or  Bully Kutta puppies between 8 to 12 weeks need 3-4 meals per day.
  • Bully Kutta pups 3 to 6 months old should be fed 3 meals in a day.
  • Feed pups six months to one-year-old 2 bowls of food per day.

High-quality dry dog feed with balanced nutrients is ideal for full-grown Bully Kuttas.

Their meals should consist of a 40%-50% of meat, being organ meat like kidney, liver etc to meet their protein requirements.

You can serve them with a moderate quantity of canned food, cooked eggs, fruits, and vegetables also as an addition to their normal diet.

A regular supply of adequate drinking water should be available for them.

Bully Kutta Puppies

The Bully Kuttas have a litter size of about 3-5 puppies. The pups are intelligent, cute and easy to train.

You can train them in many ways from their easy days like crate training, socialization, behavioral training, and obedience training.

Proper training to follow commands like sit, stay, come, down, and quiet etc makes them obedient less aggressive.

Video ~ Bully Kutta Fight 

Fun Facts ~ Bully Kutta

  • New York Times bestseller author Greg lles depicted this breed in his 2009 novel, The Devil’s Punchbowl.
  • The word “Bully” comes from the root word of Punjabi (language) “Bohli” which is pronounced as “Boo-Lee” means “heavily wrinkled.” And Kutta is a word of Punjabi or Urdu language which means “dog.” Thus, Bully Kutta means “heavily wrinkled dog.”
  • Unfortunately, many Bully Kuttas are illegally raised solely for dogfight especially in Pakistan. It is a cruel, bloody sport, enjoyed by hundreds of spectators, mostly ending in either victory or death.