Tibalier (Tibetan Spaniel X Cavalier King Charles Spaniel )

The Tibalier is not a purebred dog. Tibalier is a  designer dog known as the intentional mix between two small breed dogs, the Tibetan Spaniel and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Tibetan Spaniel X Cavalier King Charles Spaniel = Tibalier

The Appearance

Th Tibalier dog is a very small animal which may grow upto 10-13 inches and weigh less than twenty pounds. They are typically slightly longer than they are tall with a well-balanced structure and a head that generally appears flat on top, but often has a slight roundness or dome to it when felt.

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Owing to its parents lineage, the Tibalier has a broad, medium-length muzzle , although the muzzle inherited from the Tibetan Spaniel is likely to be a bit shorter and may be slightly upturned.

They have oval shaped, dark eyes, but are more often round with a soft but attentive expression. The Tibalier has drop ears that end just above the jaw line

They have medium silky coat which is usually straight and fawn in color. Other colors of this dog breed may be white, black, creme, silver, reddish or tan.

Tibalier Pictures

Quick Information

Other NamesCavatibbie
ColorWhite, Black, Sable, Fawn, Silver, Brown, Creme, Reddish
CoatShort-Medium, Straight and Silky
Breed TypeCrossbred
Breed GroupCompanion Dogs
SizeSmall Sized
Hieght10-13 inches
Weight11-16 lbs
Life Span/Life Expentancy10-13 Years
TemperamentAgile, Playful, Affectionate, Loving, Cuddly
Energy LevelLow
Good with ChildrenYes
Good with Other DogsYes
Competitive Registration/Qualification InformationDBR , IDCR


They are gentle, friendly and playful pooches and bore easily requiring daily walks and playtime. They are usually quiet and calm in nature.

The Tibalier is a lazy dog, a snuggler and are good with children and other pets of the house, making them great family dogs.  They can adjust well in apartment lifestyle.

These small dogs may be prone to separation anxiety and should not be left alone for long time.

Care ~ Exercise

Your pet will be a fairly quiet one with lower exercise requirements. However a 30 minute brisk walk, jogging or play session daily will prevent them from being obese and temperamental.

Along with the daily walks,  games of fetch, this dog may also enjoy activities such as puzzle games, agility training and possibly even tracking exercises.


The Tibalier is a medium shedding dog, with moderate maintenance requirements. Brushing them once or twice a week is sufficient to control shedding and remove any tangles or mats.

It is also important to check their hanging ears regularly to ensure that they stay clean, dry, and infection free.

Health Problems

The Tibalier is generally a healthy dog breed with an average lifespan of 12-15 years. However, some common health issues which the canine may be prone to are;

  • Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD)
  • Syringomyelia 
  • Mitral Valve Dysplasia

Taking your pet’s history from the breeder is always advisable. Visit the vet for his a check-up once a while.


These little dogs are people pleasers and respond well to consistent training but they can still be a little self minded and self pleasing. They are generally quiet and curious creatures.

This hybrid  requires early socialization to help prevent shyness and suspicious or fearful reactions when it comes to dealing with strangers.

Obedience training and commands like”fetch”, “go” will help them follow instructions.


Like any other small dog the Tibaliers need balanced and nutritious food diet as per their weight and size.

Tibalier Puppies Pics

Video: Tibalier Puppies Playing

Hope this information  about Tibalier will help you to know about the requirements of your pet. Please share your experiences and feedback in the comment section.