Westiepoo (The West Highland White Terrier Poodle Mix)

Westie Dog Breed is a cross breed between the West Highland White Terrier and Poodle.

This canine falls under the mini hybrid group that was formed by two different pure breeds.

This furry friend is really adorable as a family pet and well known for its calm temperament and low fur shedding issues.

The joyful nature of this pooch makes a good bond with the family.

History & Origin

In Scotland, West Highland White Terriers were used for hunting small species and vermin. Initially, the color of the Terriers was not only white, instead, but several subspecies of Terrier breeds also existed.

But once a colonel of Scotland got confused with a Terrier Breed and thought it to be a fox. He shot the animal and after this only records of white Terrier Breeding are present.

The Poodle has historical evidence which claims their presence in Egypt in the prehistoric era.

During the late ’60s, the hybrid Poodle pups were started to develop which was referred as Cockapoo

The beginning of the ’70s witnessed the creation of this new poodle hybrid that gained its popularity as Westipoo Dog Breed.

Initially, both West Highland Terrier and poodle were used for the purpose.

Years of breeding led the breed adapts structural resemblance to Poodle Breed and their temperament matches that of Terrier.

Westiepoo Pictures

Quick Information on Westiepoo Dog

Other NamesWee Poo, Wee-Poo, Westipoo
ColorMostly white (shades of black/tan/brown/Apricot)
CoatSoft, long, wavy, light
Breed TypeCross, Designer
Breed GroupTerrier
Hieght11 – 17 inches
Weight30 – 40 pounds
Life Span/Life Expentancy11-15 Years
TemperamentClever, Intelligent, Loyal, Loving, Affectionate
Barking LevelYes
Energy LevelActive
Good with ChildrenYes
Country of OriginUSA
Competitive Registration/Qualification InformationACHC, DDKC, DRA, IDCR, DBR

The Appearance

Westiepoo Dogs falls under toy breed. They are bit shorter than Poodles in size. A pair button like eyes with a tiny triangular shape nose enhance the cuteness of this pooch.

The height of a grown-up dog varies from 11 to 17inches. The weight of the adult Westipoo Dog ranges from 20lbs to 30lbs.

Generally the features depend on the dominant parent gene. Westiepoo Dogs usually have white color pattern.

But the color may vary in different shades of whites like light grey and fawn.

The coat texture has a wavy pattern with moderate depth and medium length. Short legs well complement the stout body pattern.

Temperament and Personality

This breed has a calm and quiet temperament. They seem to be very attached to their owners and are ideal for apartment life.

If this breed is left alone for quite some time, they tend to develop unnecessary barking habits.

The curios nature keeps the breed busy all the time. They have a loyal and affectionate nature and are good with kids and other animals(pets).

They are usually not very aggressive towards stranger but that does not mean any trespasser can easily move in without alarming the dog. So it can also help to guard the place

Care – Exercise

The breed does not require vigorous running. Regular walk for 20minutes is more than enough for the canine. They make great jogging companions and are enjoy some off-leash playtime as well.

Their snoopy nature keeps the animal busy most of the time. So, the playful attitude keeps the dog active round the clock.


Moderately thick, curly coat of hair requires regular brushing and combing with a pin brush or stiff-bristle for keeping the dead hairs away. Frequently clipping their coat will keep them clean and tidy.

During the dry season, some hair gets shredded which seems very nominal when compared with similar toy breeds.

Shampoos and Conditioner that are devoid of strong chemicals and specially designed for dogs must be used for the bathing purpose.

The fur must be dried with blowers and the nails should be trimmed, when required.

Health Problems

Westipoo doggies are generally a healthy breed, with a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Extreme temperature conditions cannot be tolerated by this breed.

The common health issues suffered by this breed include

In some of the canines issues like Craniomandibular Osteopathy and globoid cell leukodystrophy has been recorded.

Some genetic disorders of the parental breed may recur in the dog. The mid layer hair coat makes the breed less hypoallergenic.


This mixed breed has been showing natural intelligence since its origin. Simple leash training seems more than enough for the breed. Rough training may make your dog aggressive and natural barker.

It is advised to stay calm and clear while making the dog understand a particular order. Be patient with them and train them consistently. They love to be rewarded and accept treats.

Westiepoo Puppies

A female Westiepoo dog gives birth to around 4 to 5 puppies. These puppies have similar resemblances to cotton balls and are extremely adorable.


An adult Westiepoo requires around 220gm of protein regular. They can be given carbohydrate free dry food that contains the right amount of protein required for the proper growth and health development.

2-3 meals a day with clean drinking water should be given to the dog.

You can consult your vet and take a balanced dog’s diet to keep him free of health problems.

Video: Westipoo Puppies Playing