Aussiepom (Australian Shepherd + Pomeranian Crossbreed)

An “Aussie Pom” is the crossbreed between a purebred standard, mini, or toy Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian.

This means that your dog is the product of two other Pomeranian Australian Shepherd mixes or that your puppy has one Pomeranian parent and one Australian Shepherd parent.

The interesting thing about the Pomeranian-Australian Shepherd mix breed is that it is free of all the genetic health issues that any pure breed dog might suffer from.

Owing to their small-medium size and sociable nature these dogs make perfect “companion dogs“.

Aussiepom Pictures

Quick Facts & Information for Aussie Pom Dogs

Other NamesAussie Pom
ColorRed Merle, Blue Merle, Tri-color (black, white, and tan)
CoatStraight, Soft, Medium Length Coat
Breed TypeCross Breed
Breed GroupCompanion
Hieght12 to 17 inches tall
Weight10-30 Pounds
Life Span/Life Expentancy12-15 Years
TemperamentLoyal, Affectionate, Amicable,
Barking LevelBarks if Necessary

Energy LevelActive
Good with ChildrenYes, Supervision adivsed

The Appearance of Aussie Poms

Aussiepom dogs typically look like small Shepherds with fox-like, Pomeranian facial features.

Generally, the breed is small-medium-sized. The average weight is 10 to 30 pounds and the average height is 12 to 17 inches tall.

Their size depends on whether the Pomeranian is bred with a regular, mini, or toy Australian Shepherd.

They usually have a straight, soft, and medium-length coat in red merle, blue merle, tri-color (black, white, and tan), or a solid color with light Australian Shepherd markings.

The tail is medium length and feathered with a soft coat, with high-set pendent ears, a tapered muzzle, and medium-sized oval eyes.

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Personality Traits and Behaviour

The Aussie pom is everything, from being loyal, faithful and doting to friendly and perfect watchdogs.

There is a calmness about them, and they always want to go ahead and please their owners whenever they can.

There is no danger in letting this dog play with children and are quite easy to train.

They are very warm personalities and want to snuggle up to you on the couch and have a sleep.

This  Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian mixed breed are very sociable, and that does mean that you cannot leave them alone for a long time.

They will get exceptionally lonely and bored, and that is only going to lead to all kinds of problems. So avoid keeping them alone for long durations.


These designer dogs are quite active, and a daily walk is a must. Smaller dogs only need to be walked once every day.

However, adult Aussiepoms that are bigger in size, closer to their larger parent, will probably need twice daily walks owing to their high energy levels.

Aussiepoms are sociable dogs who love to interact with other dogs as they will love it. They should have somewhere between 40 to 60 minutes of exercise daily.

They need to be kept occupied and mentally stimulated to avoid boredom setting in and that is not always going to be that easy to keep them entertained.

Diet/Feeding Requirements

It is important to monitor the diet of them Aussiepoms to be sure that they are receiving all of the nutrients that they need to really develop from good quality food.

Depending on their size, you need to look at one at least a cup of quality Kibble on a daily basis.

If you take a  puppy from a breeder, then you can follow their instructions with both what to feed them as well as how often in a day.

Some small treats can also be allowed, but you might also want to put them on a fish oil supplement to help with some of their potential bone and joint issues.

Health Issues

Although crossbreeds are known to be more powerful when it comes to health than the pure breed dog, these mixes do have their set of health issues.

The main issues that you need to be aware of are as follows:

Also, they can develop normal allergies and infections just like any breed, but those listed above are the most important ones to be aware of.

You should ask the breeder if the parents have been checked out for the problems and look for some evidence of this.

Grooming & Maintenance

Giving them a bath is not going to make you popular with your dog, but it will reduce the amount of shedding that goes on throughout the year.

A dog is a lifetime commitment. So, do not make these decisions on a whim.

Do make it a point to shower these dogs with lots of love.

Aussie Pom Playing with his New Born Puppies (Video)