Yorkiepoo (Yorkshire Terrier-Poodle Mix)

This cute little designer pooch is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle (in most cases the miniature poodle or toy poodle).

Yorkie x Poodle = Yorkipoo

The current trend toward creating so-called “designer dogs” shows no signs of abating, and the Yorkie-Poo is one relatively recent addition to the collection.

You’ll find him to be a warm companion and a trainable lapdog. It takes on the characteristics of both the Yorkshire Terrier and the Toy Poodle, depending on which of the genes from its parents are ruling within

There has yet to be a consistent enough look and temperament for a true breed standard to be developed.

Yorkiepoo Dog Breed Origin/History

It is a crossing of a Yorkshire terrier and a Poodle, often a miniature toy poodle.  It was bred for the first time in the United States.

The most striking feature of this breed is that remarkable none of the two specimens look alike. Even the litter-mates are individualistic!

Appearance of Yorkiepoos

Their face is round which is studded with two button eyes and a small black muzzle. These pooches have a coat of soft and silky hair.

Their floppy ears are an adornment to their beauty and add ‘cuteness’ to their face. Their color can vary from grey, black, white, blue, tan silver or blonde.

You might find colorful highlights as well! This dog may range in height from 6-15 inches and may weigh between 4 and 14 pounds.


Yorkiepoo/Yorkie-Poo Pictures 

Quick Information Facts ~ Yorkiepoos/Yorkie-Poo

Other NamesYorkipoo, Yorkie-poo, Yorkapoo, Yoodle, Yorkiedoodle
ColorBlack, White, Red, Tan, Sable, Apricot, Cream, Tricolor
CoatLong, smooth, semi-curly
Breed TypeCrossbred
Breed GroupToy dog, designer dog, Companion dog
SizeSmall - Medium Size
Hieght7-15 inches
Weight3-14 pounds
Life Span/Life Expentancy11-15 Years
TemperamentEnergetic, Lively, Loyal, Social, Playful, Good-natured
Barking LevelYes
Energy LevelGood, Active
Good with ChildrenYes
Good with Other DogsYes
Litter Size3-5 Puppies
Country of OriginUSA
Competitive Registration/Qualification InformationACHC, DDKC, DRA, IDCR, DBR

Temperament & Behavior Traits of Yorkie-Poo

Yorkiepoo is in love with humans and enjoys being around us. They feel secure in our company. This little dog is daunting enough to ask for attention and loved being held and pampered.

They are high on energy quotient and are on their toes throughout the day. They are well disposed toward children.

But they are fond of little grown-up children. They are not very ideal for the tiny tots as they are hyperactive and might harm unintentionally.

They are an indispensable part if family activities and therefore can be an ideal family pet and apartment dog. They are highly adaptable and can easily cope up with any sort of situation or living conditions.

Their curiosity no bounds. They say “ Curiosity killed the cat.” We say “Curiosity is the aim of a Yorkie poo’s life.” They are extremely social and strangers are also safe around them.

Yorkiepoos are good watchdogs. The adult dogs keep on barking every now and then. They are inclined at destroying things the moment they sit idle, get bored or left on their own for long.

Traits of Yorkie Poo

Lively, affectionate, and sassy are all words to describe a Yorkie Poo’s personality. Keep in mind that a Yorkie Poo’s temperament can vary drastically depending on their genetics – some are more Yorkie, while others more poodle.

Regardless of which breed they take after more, the Yorkie Poo is known to thrive from any type of human interaction.

A Yorkiepoo’s temperament depends on its genes. Some are more like a Yorkie while others are more of a poodle. They are attention seekers. That makes them more loyal friends and companions.

It is a happy, go-lucky breed. They can be a good choice for the first time pet owners. Since they are very active they can also accompany their owners outdoors but not for long.

Thank their active and mischievous nature, the Yorkie Poo does not do well as an outside dog.

Most Yorkie Poos love to get the attention involved with cuddling. Just being with you while you converse with your friends satisfies some innate need for attention.

Care: Exercise, Grooming & Health Problems of Yorkipoo


 As the Yorkie Poo is thoroughly active, they need their daily dose of playtime. They are happy if they are let free to run around the house and play with children or grown-ups.

They love playing games like fetching something or pulling with their might until they run low on energy. A healthy half an hour of a walk is very congenial to keep the puppies healthy.


Grooming is a key in the maintenance of the overall well-being of a Yorkie Poo. They may have the curls of a poodle or straight hair of a terrier.

Whatever might be the case, grooming is a necessity in maintaining their overall health.

They should be brushed every day so that the coat of hair looks glossy, tangle free and in excellent condition.

A pin brush is the best to detangle and smoothen their hair. The dog’s ear should be checked weekly because moisture may get trapped in their long ears. This might lead to infections.

Health Problems

Yorkie Poos are generally a healthy breed. All said, they still tend to have several health issues in comparison to other breeds.

Patellar Luxation:  It is often seen in small dog breeds when the kneecap is dislocated from the thigh bone because of jumping or other activities. It leads to pain or inflammation.

Portosystemic Shunt (PSS): Several health issues such as seizures, stunted growth, loss of muscle development, or abnormal behavior are the result of PSS.

Epilepsy: It is a serious illness and a vet should be immediately consulted. Toxins, tumors, infections or trauma are the major reasons behind epilepsy.

Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, Hypothyroidism, Atopic Dermatitis, and Low blood sugar are some more health issues. Teacup Yorkie poo generally suffers from low blood sugar levels. So the breeders add a word of caution to the prospective owners about the health concerns. The puppies, as well as the full-grown canines, must be provided with enough warmth and food.

Training ~ Yorkipoos

They are generally very active. Their energy can peak during their puppy years. They should be taken to small walks, made busy in training or get involved in learning new tricks to cent out their storehouse of energy.

Feeding/Diet ~ Yorkiepoo

Taking proper care for your Yorkie poo is necessary for it’s overall well being. If you become an attentive owner, it will be good for a lifelong relationship with the pup. He will become a lifetime companion without fail.

For proper development and growth, they need a good number of nutrients. They require more calories when they are puppies.

You must incorporate a lot of variations in its diet to ensure that it is getting proper and well-balanced nutrition.

It should feed frequently throughout the day. The amount of food depends on individual puppies and their respective activities.

But the food should be shredded of very finely chopped or grated as its mouth is very small.

Yorkipoo Puppies, Miniature & Teacup Pictures

Yorkipoo Full-Grown, Adult Dogs

Yorkie Poo Puppy Videos

Fun Fact ~ Yorkipoo

  • The Yorkie-Poo is generally lively and spunky.
  • A Teacup Yorkie Poo is a cross specifically between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy Poodle. They retain almost their puppy size even when they are adults.