Saint Shepherd
The Saint Shepherd is a large breed dog a cross between a purebed German Shepherd  Read more
Pomchi Dog
The Pomchi is a small sized designer dog, which is a cross between the Pomeranian and  Read more
Chi Apso
The Chi Apso is a small designer breed dog, the result of crossing a Chihuahua  Read more
Jackie Bichon
The Jackie Bichon is not a purebred dog. The Jackie-Bichon is small sized dog, a cross  Read more
The Tibalier is not a purebred dog. Tibalier is a  designer dog known as the intentional  Read more
Bea-Tzu Dog
The Bea-Tzu is a small terrific dog which has been developed by crossing the Beagle  Read more
Pembroke Sheltie Mix
The Pembroke Sheltie is a medium-sized breed developed by crossing the Pembroke Welsh Corgi with  Read more
Belgian Malinois Dog Breeds
Belgian Malinois is originally a herding dog breed, which is a widely popular dog in Europe  Read more
Pungsan Dogs
The Pungsan or the Poongsan dog is a medium to large-sized spitz-type Hybrid Dog, that  Read more
Norfolk X Jack Russell (Norjack)
The Norjack is a unique designer dog, an intentional crossbreed between two small terrier breeds,  Read more