Cav-A-Mo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x American Eskimo Dog)

The Cav-A-Mo is crossbred dog between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the American Eskimo.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x American Eskimo Dog = Cav-A-Mo

Cav-A-Mos are small-medium sized canines and tend to be loyal, active, playful, and outgoing. These little dogs make a great family companion.


The Cav-a-Mo small sized one usually does not weigh over twenty pounds and is around one foot in height at the shoulder. The size of a Cav-A-Mo depends on the size of parents and the dominance of the genetic traits. Unlike his parent breed the Cav-A-Mo does not generally have the ear fringing of the Spaniel family.

The body of the Cav-A-Mo is generally longer than it is tall giving them a rectangular appearance. They have a medium to long coat, which may be little wavy or curly. He may be white with brown, fawn, red, or black markings. He may also have hair growth between his toes much like the American Eskimos.

They have beautiful eyes which are round and expressive. The dog has a curly tail over the back and be thickly covered with fur.

Cav-A-Mo Pictures

Quick Information & Facts

ColorRed, White & Apricot, Tri-colored or Black & Tan.
CoatMedium-long length.
Wavy or Curly Coat
Breed TypeCross breed
Breed GroupCompanion Dogs
HieghtHeight: 12-13 inches
WeightWeight: 10-20 lbs
Life Span/Life Expentancy11-13 Years
TemperamentSweet, Loyal, Energetic, Affectionate
Barking LevelModerate
Energy LevelActive
Good with ChildrenYes (Supervision Reqd with young kids)
Good with Other DogsYes
Country of OriginU.S.A
Competitive Registration/Qualification InformationACHC, DDKC, DRA, IDCR


The Cav-a-Mo is a very sweet little dog. He is playful, energetic and lively. With time they tend to mature and be more “calm” and “even-tempered” in his behavior.

He loves his family, and he will want to be with you everywhere you go making a great companion dog. Generally, Cav-A-Mos are great with children but need supervision with younger kids as thepooch is sensitive to clumsy touching.

Not keen on being left alone for long periods and can suffer from separation anxiety. They can become destructive if left to his own devices day after day.

Care ~ Exercise

The Cav-a-Mo is a lively, energetic little dog who calms down as he ages. He needs a minimum of 30-45 minutes of daily exercise to channelize his pent-up energy, which otherwise might lead to destructive behavior.

A long walk, jog and frequent visits to the dog park is recommended for the Cav-a-Mo; he will definitely enjoy the interaction with other pets.

It is not recommended that you let your Cav-a-Mo unattended, outside in a yard without a fence. He has a reputation for chasing cars, so if you are outside with him, be sure to your pooch is on a leash or in a fenced-in area.

Grooming & Maintenance

The Cav-a-Mo is a seasonal shedder and has moderate grooming requirements. Brush his coat at least once a week to even out the tangles in his fur and remove any loose hair or dirt.
You may need to brush him two or three times a week during shedding season. Use a soft, bristle brush to work any tangles and mats out of his hair. Brushing the teeth of your dog two or three times a week will help prevent tooth decay, injury to the gum.


He is smart and one of the easier breeds to train, though he needs reinforcement with treats and other positive measures. He is good in obeying commands and listening to his own more than other breeds.


he Cav-A-Mo is not generally a picky eater. Quality dog food 1-2 cups a day with a balanced nutrition is good. They may tend to overeat and should be fed accordingly.