Samoyed Dog

If you happen to make a list of the world’s most attractive breeds of dogs, then the Samoyed Dogs are sure to appear among the first five.

Usually, people love to keep this dog with them chiefly because of their extraordinary appearance. They are simply beautiful with their white fluffy fleece and extraordinary features like wedge-shaped head and a plumed tail. =

‘Also known for its agility and physical fitness, the dog is found to be perfect for the job of taking care of the cattle while taking them for a graze.

The farmers find these dogs as their best friend. With a strong muscular body, the Samoyed Dogs are known by some other names, like ‘Sammy’ and ‘Smiling Sami.’

History of Samoyed Dogs

Samoyed Dogs are an ancient breed of dogs. The experts say these dogs are originally from Siberia where the shepherds used their skills for managing their herd of cattle.

They were brought to England in the late 19th century. The Americans used this dog as the best gifts for the Czars of the USSR, former Soviet Republic.

The traces are found that tells Queen Alexandria had a special corner in her heart for this species of dog from Siberia. Apart from managing the herds of reindeer in their original place, the Samoyed Dogs are very friendly indeed, and they love to dwell with the families that own them.

Due to this special characteristic of theirs, these dos are often termed as Family Dogs.

Pictures of Samoyed Dog

Quick Information About Samoyed Dogs

NameSamoyed Dog
Other NamesSmiley, Sammy, Bjelkier, Nenetskaya Laika,
ColorPure white, cream, or white biscuit.
CoatStraight Outer Coat, Soft & Thick Inner Coat
Breed Type
Breed GroupWorking Group
HieghtFemale - 46–51 cm (18–20 inches)
Male - 51–56 cm (20–22 inches)
Weight35-50 pounds (female),
45-65 pounds (male)
Life Span/Life Expentancy12-15 Years
TemperamentIntelligent, Fun-Loving, Loyal, Quick Learners
Barking LevelMedium
Energy LevelGood
Good with ChildrenYes
Good with Other DogsYes
Litter Size4-6 Puppies
Country of OriginNorthwest Russia and Western Siberia
Competitive Registration/Qualification InformationAKC, ACA, ACR, ANKC, APRI, CKC, DRA, NKC, UKC, FCI

Temperament & Behaviour

You would hardly find any information about ill behavior or the Samoyed Dog. As a matter of fact, these dogs are extraordinarily good, and they have an emotional attachment to the people in the family that pets them.

The dog has a wonderful smiling face that gets him the name of Smiling Sami.

They are extremely hard working and their physical agility is just amazing. They bark a lot at times. Their attention towards their masters is absolutely scintillating.

Extremely well-behaved, the Samoyed can be reckoned as the best friends of humans. They are very sincere in terms of carrying out their duties and responsibilities. They are very obedient to their masters and their families too.

Care ~ Exercise, Grooming, Health Problems


The masters need to take the initiative to take the best care of their pet. They need to provide them with the best set of exercises that are capable of maintaining the supreme level of physical fitness of Samoyed Dog.

Obviously, the owners are not the expert or specialists when it comes to determining the best exercises that can benefit the dogs and help them to maintain their fitness level, they often need to hire dog trainers to keep their body fit and agile. A fully-grown Samoyed Dog


The Samoyed Dog is also appreciated for awesome ability to respond to the grooming activities. The trainers or the groomers need to spend some time with this dog every day.

Apart from daily cleaning and washing, these dogs need a thorough brush cleaning. Such cleaning activities keep the white fluffy coat of the dog shine with elegance.

The special combing procedure is time-consuming. The groomers decide not to comb the hair when it is wet. These dogs shed their fluffy hair twice in a year. Brushing and combing need to be done on an everyday basis t prevent the hair get ‘locked’.

Health Problems

Normally, the Samoyed Dogs are healthy and physically fit. They are mostly healthy, but some leading breeds of the dog have some typical diseases.

They show the tendency of suffering from diabetes and pudginess. The cases of cardiac disorders, hypothyroidism, bloating, and eye diseases are some of the common diseases from which the Samoyed Dogs suffer.

Their hypoallergenic body often catches diseases without making you notice. Taking care of the meals is the most effective way of controlling the health disorders of these dogs.

The experts suggest taking them to the vets immediately if they do not show signs of improvement even after your consistent efforts.


Staying in the extremely cold region of the Siberia is a tough situation for the Samoyed Dogs. Their association with their masters is like the big training for them.

They create a strong bond with their masters and that is why they have a very friendly temperament that brings them the best training.

They cannot live alone. As far as physical training is concerned, the dogs get it themselves during their daily activity. They seldom need harsh physical training.

Diet & Feeding

The diet of the Samoyed Dogs depends on their age. Usually puppy, adult or senior dogs have different food habits, and that is why they are provided with the best dog food.

The food varies I quantity as well as content. They have separate food in their list, and all human foods are not good for them. Depending upon the age, breed, and weight of the dog, the owners need to decide the type, content, and quantity of the food that they could give t their pet.

They must be provided with the clean and good quality of drinking water as it prevents some diseases for them.

The best way to decide on their food and feeding, the owners must get advice from a knowledgeable vet who can suggest the best food for the dogs. Keeping them healthy and physically fit is the only motto behind giving them the best food.

Interesting Facts About The Samoyed Dogs

  • These dogs have the highest energy level among all breeds of dogs.
  • They can remain active and agile throughout the day.
  • Samoyed Dogs are very intelligent.
  • They are the best watchdog.
  • They have a reasonably low level of aggression and they do not bark vehemently.

Clearly enough, the Samoyed Dogs have enough reasons to be reckoned as the best dog breed on this earth right now.

Highly sociable, they can be an asset for the family, especially in tough living conditions of the Siberia.