Bernese Mountain Dog


One of the four major breeds of dogs in the mountains in Switzerland, Bernese Mountain Dog plays a major role in the lifestyle of the people there. With some great physical characteristics, the Dog is really the true companions for the people in the Swiss Alps.

Categorized as the best among all ‘Working Dogs,’ these Dogs are blessed with special physical and mental abilities that other mountain dogs do not have. Due to its amazing physical abilities, the dog can adapt itself according to the changing climate and weather easily.

They love their masters and do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives while saving the lives of their masters.

History of St Bernese Mountain Dogs

Among more than 22,000 species of dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the most popular ones. Though the origin of this dog species is not confirmed, the historians say that the ‘top working dogs’ are originally from the mountain regions in Berne in Switzerland.

Strong and hardworking, the Bernese Mountain Dog is accepted as the true companion of the people there, especially the farmers who use them to protect their farms and to escort their cattle.

These dogs are believed to be the most enchanting watchdogs that are remarkably careful and hard working while on duty. It is believed the noted biologist and dog lover Berner Sennenhund introduced this breed of dogs in 1937.

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Quick Information ~ Bernese Mountain Dog

NameBernese Mountain Dog
Other NamesBerner Sennenhund,
Bernese Cattle Dog,
ColorBlack, White, Rust
Breed TypePurebred
Breed GroupWorking (AKC:1937)
Guardian Dogs (UKC)
HieghtMale: 24-28 inches (61–71 cm)
Female: 23-27 inches (58–69 cm)
WeightMale: 85-110 pounds (38–50 kg)
Female: 80-105 pounds (36–48 kg)
Life Span/Life Expentancy6-9 years
TemperamentLoyal, Affectionate, Alert, Intelligent, Alert
SheddingHeavy, Seasonal
Barking LevelOcassional
Energy Level
Good with ChildrenGood with Kids
Good with Other DogsFriendly
Litter Size1-14 puppies, 7-8 on an average
Country of OriginSwitzerland
Competitive Registration/Qualification InformationACA, AKC, CKC, FCI, UKC, KCGB, CKC, NKC, NZKC, CCR, ANKC, APRI, ACR, DRA, NAPR,

The Appearance of Bernese Mountain Dogs

The appearance of Bernese Mountain Dog sets it apart from all popular breeds of dogs. With remarkably large and strong body, the Dog attracts all eyes quite easily.

Usually, it is available in three colors of coats that make the experts call this a ‘tri-colored’ dog. The inter-mingling white, black, and rust-like color give the dog a delightful appearance altogether. A full-grown male dog of this breed weighs between 80-110 pounds and measures between 23” and 28” in length.

It looks amazing with white and golden marks in the feet, and black nose and face. The graceful appearance of the dog sets it apart from other breeds of mountain dogs in Switzerland.

Temperament & Behavior

Characterizing the title of ‘watchdog,’ the Bernese Mountain Dogs are amazingly good-natured and they have a grand submissive nature. They are seemingly caring and watchful.

Nothing can get ignored from their sharp and watchful eyes. They are very active, and they do not lose a moment in case something extraordinary or unknown thing happens in front of their eyes.

They love social companionship. They prefer being with their masters. Otherwise, they happen to develop some behavioral problems that may turn worse if left unattended. They are gentle if they are not challenged.

Care ~ Exercise, Grooming and Health Information


Naturally, the Bernese Mountain Dogs are very energetic and they do enough labor to keep their body fit and healthy. According to the trainers, these are fast learners and show remarkable readiness to learn.

The trainers maintain the best grooming techniques to bring them best exercise and food that keep them agile and fit. Treating them psychologically is a part of the training procedure.


Grooming these dogs is a basic part of their caring schedule. Obviously, the owners need to take the responsibility to groom their pet. They need a quality comb to comb the long hairs that are found on the body. Preventing the hair locks is a challenge here. They are given a bath at regular intervals using quality pet shampoo. However, the task becomes very challenging indeed during the shedding season when the dog sheds its hairs. They are replaced by new hairs in just a few days.

Health Problems

Though the Bernese Mountain Dogs are believed to be very hard-working and active, they are very much prone to some potential ailments that include seasonal diseases.

They show a natural tendency of suffering from elbow and hip dysplasia. Besides, the deadly diseases like bloat, cancer, and eyelid troubles are very common in these dogs. The owners are always suggested to take their companion to the nearest vet and get the treatment as early as possible. Keeping the dog under medication is a good advice.

Training of Puppies & Full Grown

Besides keeping the dog healthy, the owners also have the responsibility to keep it fit and agile. Training brings the dog vigor that makes it fit. However, the normal training procedures of Bernese Mountain Dogs are different.

Instead if harsh and cruel training procedures, these are trained by easier modules that are based on the ideas of love, sympathy, cooperation, and fairness. The trainers have separate training procedures for these dogs that keep them healthy and fit.

Diet & Feeding

Food for the puppies and adult Bernese Mountain Dogs is usually different. Mostly, they provided nutritious food that is rich in vitamins and proteins. Their body needs a special quantity of fat to keep the body warm during the winters.

The vets suggest providing them the food that may have an adequate quantity of carbohydrate and proteins too. Such a food item can keep the dogs of this species fit and full of health.

Popular Mixes of Mountain Bernese Dogs

Due to the fact that Bernese Mountain Dogs are very popular among the dog lovers, the dog lovers put their efforts to get mix versions of these dogs that may have the characteristics of two different dog species, one being the Bernese Mountain Dogs. Some Of The Popular Mixes Are As Follows:

  • Bernese Mountain Dog And Labrador Mix
  • Bernese Mountain Dog And Australian Shepherd Mix
  • Bernese Mountain Dog And Great Pyrenees Mix
  • The Miniature Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Bernese Mountain Dog And Saint Bernard Mix  = Saint Bernese
  • Bernese Mountain Dog And Golden Retriever Mix
  • Bernese Mountain Dog And Border Collie Mix
  • Bernese Mountain Dog And Pyrenees Mix

Most of these have fascinating features of the Bernese Mountain Dogs, besides having the features of the other kind of the dog that produces the mix. The impact is amazing!

Video: Bernese Mountain Dog Playing with a Puppy

Interesting Facts About these Dogs:

  • Many celebrities all over the world have the Bernese Mountain Dogs as their pet
  • They are also known as ‘delivery dogs’ and they can pull carts with a weight that is equal to 10 times of their body weight.
  • They are sociable animals, and they feel the loneliness during the absence of their master.
  • By 19th century, these dogs encountered the danger of extinction, but thanks to Franz Schertenleib who put the best efforts to revive this precious breed of dogs.

The description of the Bernese Mountain Dog clearly suggests that it is a heavily attractive dog that may be an asset for its master. Big and strong, the dog understands its responsibilities well and loves to carry them out.