Norfolk X Jack Russell (Norjack)
The Norjack is a unique designer dog, an intentional crossbreed between two small terrier breeds,  Read more
Hava Poo
The Havapoo is a small-sized dog, a cross between two purebred dogs the Havanese and  Read more
Cav-A-Mo dogs
The Cav-A-Mo is crossbred dog between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the American Eskimo.  Read more
Cotralian Dogs
The Cotralian is is a cross between the Cocker Spaniel and the Standard, Miniature or  Read more
Pug and Husky Mix
The Hug Dog is a designer cross breed developed by crossing two purebred dogs the  Read more
Shiffon Dogs
The Shiffon is a small cross breed of the Shih Tzu and the Brussels Griffon. Shih  Read more
Petite Goldendoodle Dog
The Toy Goldendoodle is gifted by the breeding of three breeds, toy golden doodle is  Read more
Mastador (Mastiff Lab Mix)
The Mastador is a designer crossbreed between the Labrador Retriever and ancient guarding breed, the  Read more
Shar Pei Chow Mix
The Chow Pei is a medium-sized designer breed developed by crossing the Chow Chow and  Read more
Aussie Pom
An “Aussie Pom” is the crossbreed between a purebred standard, mini, or toy Australian Shepherd  Read more